Refunds & Returns

You can exchange and return an item in 14 days, counting from the moment you received it.

The item must be clean, without any signs of use. It must carry original labels. We cannot exchange or return used items or items that have been adjusted to your needs.

We exchange an item for free for an item with the same price. If the replacement item costs more, you have to pay the difference. As an exception, you do not have to pay extra if you’re just getting another size, even if you got the item with a discount. If the replacement item is cheaper than the original one, we unfortunately cannot refund you the price difference.

Your item will get exchanged for free only once. If you need to exchange it again, you will be carrying the shipping cost.

If you cannot find a suitable replacement item, you have the right to get 100% refund for the item, if it is clean, not used nor washed.

The money will be transferred to your bank account or through the payment method you used immediately but not later than in 30 days since we have accepted the return. The item must be clean and not used, your identity and the original order must be verified. 

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