Being a small business, our whole production from washing the yarns until the finishing touches and packing happens in my own home.

My 82-year old mother creates amazing handicraft items and lends a helping hand when needed. I also have a small team of people who help with embroideries for bigger orders.  

For ponchos, shawls and wraps, a small hand knitting machine is being used. Once the details are ready, they are steamed, and hand sewed. All the cardigans are handmade using knitting needles.

Double layered mittens are knitted using hand knitting machine, then felted and embroidered. Lastly, the mittens are carded inside, which makes them exceptionally soft and warm.

I like to create small collections at a time as making multiple copies of the same item over and over again does get a bit  mundane for me. That is why our online shop always has different styles and collections, depending on the seasons, materials and let’s be honest – my mood!  

I love experimenting with different colors and patterns  to create unique products that you cannot find  anywhere else.