All our woolen knitwear is made of  high quality natural sheep’s wool which mostly originates from Sweden, Australia and New-Zealand as well as from local Estonian sheep-farmers.

We have teamed up with two factories that both produce high quality yarns – Raasiku Wool Factory in Estonia and Tekstrena Wool Factory in Lithuania.

Woolen products are very comfortable to wear all year round and for every occasion as wool keeps a layer of air next to the skin and wicks moisture. And it is breathable!

Wool is 100% recyclable Eco material – 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. YES, you could throw it to your garden compost bin if you wish. That is at the end of the life  of the product though.

The longevity of your product really depends on how you use it. If you wear the item only for special occasions, then it is likely your grandchildren will inherit it from you. But if you wear your mittens, for example, on a daily basis to walk your dog or ride your bike, then obviously those mittens are not something your grandchildren will be remembering you by.