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28 years of experience in handicraft business and I am still inspired by the very people who wear my knitwear. Each individual adds their personal touch to the clothing and that makes the result perfect. Read the full story HERE

Our Mittens

Women’s. Men’s. Double layered mittens are knitted by using hand knitting machine, then felted and embroidered. Lastly the mittens are carded on the inside, which makes them very soft and warm.

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Hedgehog. Fox. Shaun the Sheep. Bullfinch. Titmouse. Owl.

Who Is Your Favorite?

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Luxury and Romance

Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it is not luxury. Coco Chanel

What’s life without a little romance? The kind that makes mundane things magical. Like what rain does to glass windows and traffic lights. Choose your own personal style HERE.